Choosing a Provider

Hiring home care providers isn’t easy. When faced with needing assistance in daily activities, there are only three choices: stay at home with care from a paid person or a family member, move into a facility that provides care, or move in with a family member who can provide care. There are no simple answers, nor is there one magic formula for care for one who needs care. Each individual's wants and needs should be considered carefully. 

Here are some tips to help you choose a provider:

  1. What types of services are offered?
    Does the option you are considering offer a range of specialized services like physical, occupational, speech and nutritional therapy? Do they offer medical social work and home health aide services? Even if you or your loved one don’t need these services right now, it’s good to know they are available should the need arise. 
  2. What is the staff like?
    Does the company or provider you are considering screen their employees? Do they do background checks? What is their training period like and how long does it last? Do they receive further training and in-service education? The support of a qualified, skilled and compassionate care team makes all of the difference. Take the time to ask these types of questions and help to put your mind at ease. 
  3. How does scheduling work? 
    Does the provider or company you are considering provide staffing 24 hours a day? What happens in an emergency? What if your provider is ill? 
  4. Ask for references.
    Always check references. References can include medical personnel, physicians, discharge planners, family members or community members.